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CORSAIR HS70 PRO Wireless Gaming Headset (NO BOX)

CORSAIR HS70 PRO Wireless Gaming Headset (NO BOX)

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Corsair HS70 PRO Wireless Gaming Headset (OPEN BOX)

Probably the most noticeable "new" feature in the HS70 is that unlike the trapezoidal shape of the Corsair Void, the HS70 sports a a more traditional oval design. The ear cups are "over ear" and sometimes in this price range you’ll find an abundance of cheap plastic pieces holding a headset together, but the HS70 has a premium, solid feel to it. Any plastic used (like the back of the ear cups) feels high quality. The headband is comprised of a metal band that is covered with stitched padding and the yokes are made of aluminum.

The ear cups are lined with memory foam and are a bit on the large side. They fit over my ears comfortably with a moderately good seal, but I think if you have a smaller head they might feel unwieldy and a solid seal might be difficult. The HS70 weigh 330 grams without the mic, or 11.6 ounces, which is average for a wireless headset (and lighter than Corsair’s Void headsets). The microphone adds another 9 grams, or 0.3 ounces.

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