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Razer Huntsman Opto-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (NO BOX)

Razer Huntsman Opto-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (NO BOX)

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Razer Huntsman Opto-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (open Box)

  • opto-mech switchPurpleSwitch – Unlike conventional mechanical switches that have a lot of moving parts and are controlled by a metallic contact, the Razer Opto-Mechanical ™ switch controls the light. Imagine: press the key and the light beam instantly passes through the switch and sends the corresponding signal to your computer to perform the intended actions. Cranking sound and light grip, these are Opto-Mechanical Switches. 30% faster than click mechanical switches!When we created the Razer Huntsman series, we did not just go about making another line of top game keyboard. We had a vision of the revolution of a completely new boundary of game performance. And with Razer Huntsman you are going to experience exactly what we wanted to deliver – a keyboard that instantly improves the way you play.The Razer Opto-Mechanical ™ switches have an optical sensor inside the switch. Pressing the button allows the receiver to be activated by the light signal and immediately toggles the switch command. You have never experienced such a speed.

    Putting keystrokes together at one moment comes with instant response of the switches, you get multiple keystrokes at a mad speed, maximizing APMs during speed-based games.

    Meet the response of the click sound you love and enjoy, every press of the button, super light and balanced. Really the best of both worlds.

    The key stabilizer on the top of the switch ensures that the keystroke remains flat and consistent regardless of which corner of the key you press.

    With optical control requiring less physical contact, you get up to 100 million keystrokes – double the level of the industry standard.

    Up to 10 simultaneous keystrokes with anti-ghosting. Make sure you never hit the wrong button in critical moments. Customize and combine macros to maximize game control.

    Razer Hypershift by pressing a single button unlocks the secondary set of functions above the existing button controls.

    The solid aluminum matt top plate increases robustness with a smooth, satisfactory touch.

    Unlock advanced options from the lighting effects commands that are powered by Synapse 3 Razer Chroma.

    Bring buttons, assign macros. Configuration profiles are automatically saved using the cloud. And if you do not have access to the Internet, you can simply store up to 5 profiles via hybrid onboard memory.

    Arrange the Razer Huntsman gaming performance ramp or equip yourself with the Razer Huntsman Elite and its feature set – the magnetic wrist rest, the multifunction digital dial on the keyboard at the top right, and the Razer Chroma ™ powered backlight media keys.

    Razer ™ Optical Mechanical Power Switch with 45G Control Force Key life of 100 million strokes
    Chroma backlight with 16.8 million customizable color options
    Hybrid storage – up to 5 profiles
    Razer Synapse 3 is enabled
    Fully programmable keys with macro recording while in operation
    Anti-ghosting with up to 10 keystrokes
    Game mode option
    Braided cable
    1000 Hz Ultrapolling (1ms delay)
    Aluminum matt top plate
    Compatible with Xbox One for basic input

    Package Contents: Keyboard

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